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We care for continuous improvement and friendly atmosphere

Unique Team

Ferro Group and its success are created by people who are the most valuable resource of the company. Ferro organizational culture is created by people with passion and openminded, which is why we employ exceptional people and ensure their continuous improvement. We believe that the right incentive system, good working conditions and partner relations in the team help to work effectively, develop employees and influence the further development of the company. In our daily activities we are guided by values that allow us to build an amazing atmosphere at work.

Core Values of The Ferro Group


Reliable and conscientious performance of duties in accordance with moral and social norms, and respect for other people's property.


Recognition of the values of other people and their views, regardless of their position and opinions.


The obligation of properly performing the assigned tasks and duties and decisions making within the assigned powers.

Continous Improvement

Activities leading to continuous improvement of work results and increasing your own effectiveness.

Team Cooperation

Realization of the team's common goals through cooperation, mutual assistance and fulfillment of duties within the assumed function


An ability to overcome difficulties to find the best solutions on the way to achieve the desired results at work.


A commitment to comply with high quality standards in product, service and support to meet customer requirements.

Management board

The company's executive body is The Board of four, headed by Wojciech Gątkiewicz. The supervisory functions are performed by the Supervisory Board, which is chaired by Jacek Osowski. Below we present profiles of individual members of the Ferro Group Management Board and the composition of the Company's Supervisory Board.

Wojciech Gątkiewicz

Group CEO / President

Aneta Raczek

Group COO / Vice President

Olga Panek

Group CFO / Vice President

Dan Ionutas

CSO Poland / Vice President

Supervisory Board

Jacek Osowski

Supervisory Board President

Filip Gorczyca

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Piotr Kaczmarek

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Seweryn Kubicki

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Tomasz Mazurczak

Independent Supervisory Board Member

Jan Woźniak

Independent Supervisory Board Member
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